Our History

Founded in 2013

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  • The Annapolis Pickleball Club, APC, was founded on January 19th, 2013 by Gene Severns and Josh Ellenbogen at Pip Moyer Recreation Center. Initially, there were 15 members. Membership cost $10.00. 2015 Members


  • Membership increases to 41 members.
  • Phyllis Emmett oversees the daily operations of the club


  • Membership doubles to 81 members.
  • In the fall, APC increased to three taped courts in the Aux Gym at PIP Moyer. 


  • Membership grows to 129 members. 
  • The Annapolis Pickleball Club establishes itself as a permanent presence at PIP Moyer for indoor and outdoor play. 
  • This year was pivotal by creating permanent PAINTED lines’, a logo, embroidered apparel, a Facebook Page, socials, advertising, and news articles in several local publications.
  • In the summer, APC obtain permission to paint four courts at Truxtun Park -- a huge statement to the community that pickleball 


  • 173 Members.  
  • APC establishes its core leadership team whose members were: Joy Goldberg (Leadership), Elia Howser (Membership) Diana Crompton (Treasurer) Laurie Barlow and Dave Alexander (Training/Development) Phyllis Emmett (Truxtun Courts).
  • Indoor hours at PIP Moyer increase to 34 hours a week. Joy Goldberg & Elia Howser
  • Clinics begin being offered to members.
  • First ladder league is established by Ronda Martinez.
  • Committee formed to work with Annapolis Parks and Rec Department on the renovation of Truxtun to ensure pickleball courts would be part of the plan. 
  • Leadership secures an agreement with the city and tennis community for six dedicated pickleball courts with the renovation of Truxtun Park (originally projected Spring 2018).


  • APC doubles its membership to over 305 members. 
  • Membership fee remains at $10.00. 
  • During the summer, the core leadership team establish ‘Bylaws’ and an elected Board.
  • In November, a full membership Board Meeting is held at Eastport Library (over 70 members attend the meeting).
  • At this meeting, first board elections are held. The first elected officers were: Tony Martinez - President, Greg Klar - Vice President, Diana Crompton - Treasurer, Eenee Ferrano - Secretary, Nick Pessagno - PIP Relations, Frank Quigley - Member at Large, Tom Shupe - I.T. WebMaster. 
  • Bylaws for APC were voted on and approved. 


  • APC membership explodes from 350 in early 2019 to over 620 in the fall of 2019!
  • The Board establishes APC as a non-profit entity and purchases insurance for the club. The non-profit status permits APC to reserve courts at all the Anne Arundel outdoor public courts. 
  • A peer-financial review is conducted.
  • Frank Quigley works with Anne Arundel Parks and Rec to secure more outdoor courts. PAL Park and Bestgate are added to the list of locations to our list of venues.
  • Beginner Ladder League established by Ronda Martinez.
  • APC enters a float and marches in the Annapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 
  • APC sponsors the first pickleball tournament at PIP Moyer ‘The Mayor’s Tournament’.
  • APC sponsors the ‘Ambassadors Tournament’ in May to welcome the local U.S. Pickleball Ambassadors from neighboring states. 
  • APC receives approval to add three additional courts at PIP Moyer Rec Center.
  • In May, APC offers a three day clinic taught by a guest pro - over 110 members participate.
  • Rating Clinics are offered to create awareness of level-based play. 
  • APC implements "level play" at the summer courts.
  • The outgoing Board established an important committee to determine a 3-5 Year Plan for the future of Annapolis Pickleball. With the explosive growth of the sport in the community, the primary focus is on adding more venues. 

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